Friday, January 22, 2016


Greetings Collective,
Good progress is being made on Bob Roy's gates. InI give thanks to all those who have donated with clean hands and pure heart. The block work has begun. More funds are needed to complete the project. InI are setting a goal of $1000 to continue the work that has been started. Please forward this far and wide. It's such a joy to strengthen the Ancients that have strengthened InI. Isn't it a basic human right to have a roof over one's head?

This will be a traditional fundraising effort. As the funds come in I will post updates.

Goal: $1000

Akashic Records-------$330
Idren Dario, Idren Iseph, Sistreen Irene-------$30
Bro Gareth--------$20
Bro Micah--------$45
Bro Garth-------$50
Bro Paintings------$25
Sis Shirley-------$20
Ras Fla Yoro-------$50
Ras Farms-------$20
Sis Sierra and Humboldt family-------$135
Bro Micah-------$150
Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus------$125

Total: $1000, Goal Reached!

To donate use and the payee address
Give thanks!

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