Tuesday, February 1, 2011


alta joe, originally uploaded by freerootical.
Greetings Collective,
Nyahbinghi Ancient, Altar Joe, is in need of a strength. He is suffering from prostate cancer and has had difficulty purchasing the needed medication. InI will send him a strength from the Ancients Medical Assistance Fund.

In order to respond quickly to these types of medical needs, it is crucial that the AMA fund have a positive balance. InI give thanks to all those who have contributed to the fund and InI encourage ones and ones to spread the word in order that InI Ancients may be protected. Give thanks!

$200 will be sent from the AMA fund

To contribute to the AMA fund, go to www.paypal.com and use wordsoundpowercollective@hotmail.com as the payee address. Write AMA in the subject line. Give thanks.

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