Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Landgrant_above, originally uploaded by freerootical.
Royal Greetings,
InI give thanks for the continued support of the Rastafari family around the globe for Rastafari Ancients in need.

In cooperation with IDOR, Iniversial Development of Rastafari, and their Elders Medical Project, we will be raising a strength for the Elders on the land in Ethiopia. This is a continuation of ongoing cooperative efforst between IDOR and WSPC.

IDOR's Elder Medical Project provides financial relief for Elders in medical crisis and emergencies and preventative care. This covers doctor's visits, transportation for critical care, medication and preventative care. The following elders in Shashemene take part in the project:

Mama Baby I

Mama Wollette

Elder Reggae(transitioned, Rest in Power)

Elder Ruppee(transitioned, Rest in Power)

Sister Gwen

Brother Sala (Solomon Wolf)

Brother Gladstone Robinson

Elder Zion

Elder Moody

Priest Isiah

Elder Negus

Brother Rodney

GOAL: $2000(us)

Please visit and use as the payee address to make a donation to strengthen Elders in Ethiopia.

Bro Fraser----------$150
Bro Robert---------$30
Sister MaryDread---------$200
Bro Liontree----------$15
Bro Ital and Sis Amelia--------$50
Ras Dario--------$60
Support from Atlanta family--------$200
Ras Ta' Zayah---------$100
Sista Masher & Bredda Fisher---------$200
Ras Justoe----------$30
Ras Charles---------$20
Ras Yohannes---------$60
Maga Duppy----------$40
Bro Jacopo----------$15
Sis Sheila--------$100
Bro Sam---------$10
Sister Joan---------$100
Sister Valda---------$20
Ras Scooby---------$100
Ras Scott--------$50
Dejazmatch Giorgis--------$50
Ras Farms---------$50
Christopher Liontree--------$10
Ras Toby--------$15
Ras Adam Simeon-------$50
Upful Creations--------$60
Ras Mike---------$40
Sister Hatha--------$50
Sis Irijah--------$30
Bro Asher--------$50

Total: $2000 (Goal Reached. Give thanks and praise)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mama Baby I Earthday

Mama Baby I Earthday, originally uploaded by freerootical.
InI of the Word Sound Power Collective would like to send a heartical Earthday blessing to Mama Baby I in Shashamane, Ethiopia. All honor and respect to this blessed Matriarch who stands as a living example of the powers of the Most High Haile Selassie I. Blessed Earthday, Mama Baby I.

-photo courtesy of Empress Askale Selassie. Give thanks!