Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Evered Campbell, originally uploaded by freerootical.
Greetings Collective,
Food, clothes and shelter are fundamental rights. Yet, many Elders of Rastafari suffer without these rights. Lets rally around InI Elders in their time of need and ensure they are cared for properly.

Ancient Evered Campbell is in need of shelter. He has been offered a gates through a charitable agency, but he is required to cast the foundation. InI would like to give the Ancient a strength so that he can pour the foundation.
Goal: $200

Please use www.paypal.com, use wordsoundpowercollective@hotmail.com as the payee address. Write, Ancient Campbell in the subject line.

Give thanks for life and strength!

Sister MaryDread----------$20
Addi Dub Rebel Youth---------$10
Ras Fraser--------$15
Ras Dario Macioci--------$20
Ras Ta' Zayah--------$100
Sista Masher---------$30
Ras Scott----------$5

Total: $200
Goal Sealed. Give thanks.