Friday, December 10, 2010


BONGOVINMAMAENID, originally uploaded by freerootical.
It has come to InI attention that Nyahbinghi Priest Bongo Vin along with his Emperess, Mama Enid will be seeking to itinue the works of Congo Rocky and Mama Baby I as keepers of the tabernacle in Shashemene, Ethiopia.

Bongo Vin is in need of a surgery for a hernia, scheduled for Dec. 15th. Bongo Vin repairs shoes and will be unable to work during his recovery period. InI would like to send Bongo Vin and Mama Enid a strength to help with their general welfare.

As time progresses and their movements to Ethiopia solidify, InI will keep the I's uplighted on how InI of the Collective can support the Ancients in their repatriation.

Goal: $200

To make a donation visit and use as the payee address

Please send an email to to request a physical address.

Ras Charles---------$25
Ranking Mark-------$50
Ras Joseph--------$40
Mama Berhane----------$20
Ras Fla Yoro--------$20
Bro Asher--------$25
Jawabu Africa------$25

Total: $205

Welcome to One and All!

Greetings Collective,
Welcome to the Word Sound Power Collective blog. InI will continue to send out updates to the mailing list, but this will be the primary blog for uplights on the Elders works. Please bookmark this page.
Giving thanks to Haile Selassie I for life and strength,