Sunday, September 16, 2018


The outpouring of strength for Bongo Isaac is inspiring. Ones and ones from around the globe have stepped forward to send the Elder a strength. InI are sealing up the fundraising at $1536. Give thanks one and all. Any additional funds received will be deposited into the AMA Fund.

Ancient Bongo Isaac is 84 years old. The Elder was recently diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment. $200 has been sent from the Ancients Medical Assistance Fund.

Additionally, we have a traditional fundraising effort to help continue to pay for his ongoing treatment and medical costs. To make a donation to Bongo Isaac, please use with the payee address, Specify, Bongo Isaac Support in the subject line.

Goal: $1000

Akashic Records Reggae: $500
Nandor Tanczos: $70
Sis Liz: $50
Ras Scooby: $300
Meekman Drums: $80
House of Rastafari: $225
Sistren Naya: $20
Kweku Oboasi: $5
Luis Carlos: $8
Andrea Masi: $20
NyahBinghi Family in Italy: $266

Total: $1536

(Note: Updates will be made weekly)