Friday, December 26, 2014


Greetings Collective,
The next Ancient InI will be strengthening is Nyah Binghi Incient Ras Igie. Ras Igie's house is in disrepair. The Ancient is having difficulty in finding his daily meals.

This will not be an AMA fund strength, but will be a traditional fundraising effort. As funds come in I will update ones until the goal is reached.

Goal: $200
Ras Adam Farms - $7
Ras Mike E - $9
Sister MaryDread - $20
InI Oneness Sound - $10
Ras Justo - $50
Bro Dario & Sis Elena - $10
Bro Garrett - $25
Cornerstone Reggae Culture Shop - $20
Bro Tobin - $20
Bro Marc - $7
Bro James - $22
Total: $200
Goal Reached! Give thanks!

To contribute to the fundraising effort please use and use as the payee address. Please write Ras Igie in the subject line.

Let the aged be protected!

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