Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Greetings Collective,

As a general upate, Rastafari Elders are in dire need of care. There are currently 10 Elders awaiting a strength from the Ancients Medical Assistance Fund. These are only a small number of Elders who attended a recent clinic to see what their medical needs are. Rastafari Elders have paved the road for InI and in upholding the creed InI must protect them. There is no reason they should suffer while InI prosper. I am sending out the international call to support Rastafari Elders in this time. The AMA fund is an ongoing fund that allows InI to respond quickly to Rastafari Elder needs. To donate to the fund, please use and use as the payee address.

The next Elder InI will be strengthening is Incient Bongo George. Bongo George has been experiencing chest issues and problems with breathing. He has seen a doctor and is need of medications. His condition is improving, but will need to continue to take medicine to ensure his healing. InI will be sending him a $200 strength from the AMA fund.

Give thanks,

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