Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Ancient Mabrack, originally uploaded by freerootical.

Greetings Collective,
The next recipient of the Ancients Medical Assistance Fund is Ancient Mabrack.

Ancient Mabrack is a member of the Theocracy Reign Order of the Nyah Binghi Ancient Council. He was diagnosed with cataracts and treated succesfully. It was recommended that he use reading glasses.

Ancient Mabrack is one ancient who fuljoys reading the ancient scriptures of Ethiopia and the laws of the Kings of Ethiopia to the members of the order of the Nyah binghi during meetings. He is now anxious for reading glasses to be able to see those ancient scriptures and text clearly.

InI will be sending Ancient Mabrack $200 from the AMA fund to purchase reading glasses.

To insure that InI can continue to respond to Elders medical needs swiftly, please donate to the fund, visit www.paypal.com and use wordsoundpowercollective@hotmail.com as the payee address. Write, AMA fund, in subject line.

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