Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It is with great sadness that InI let ones know that Rastafari Elder, Bongo Iyahshem, has passed forward and become InI Ancestor.

A good bredrin in the collective donated $200 to send to his family in this time. InI sent this fund forward and they have received it. InI mourn this loss, but celebrate the life and testimony of Bongo Iyahshem.


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  1. Message from Bongo Iyahshem's family:

    We haven't been given the opportunity as yet to meet you, the persons who are so willing and kind as to assist us and give us another chance at succeeding in whatever we do. We do hope that we meet you either personally or electronically someday to thank you for the assistance being rendered.
    However, until we meet in person, we want to express sincere gratitude from this moment and promise you that we will do our very best to make you proud and happy that you assisted us.
    So once again, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and your assistance will not go in vain. Thank you and Jah Bless everytime.
    Monifa, Sharifa and Saeed.